Solar Wind Street Light

Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light

Wind And Solar Hybrid Street Light

That Never Goes Out

☑ It can continuously absorb energy from nature at the same time during the day and night so that the street lights can continue to work, even if the rainy season is coming, there is no need to worry.
☑ By the way, it is the only Solar Wind Street Light. How does it work?
☑ The solar system can ensure that the street lights can absorb solar power when there is sunlight.
☑ At night, it was replaced by a wind turbine to absorb wind energy to supply power.

Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Wind Street Light


☑ Solar energy and wind energy complement each other and make full use of natural energy
☑ Solar&wind energy complement each other to keep the LED lights on
☑ Solar energy and wind energy complement each other, away from the cumbersome and unsafe cable wiring
☑ Solar and wind energy complement each other, avoiding the high cost and heavy workload of excavating cables
☑ Solar and wind power complement each other, even if a single system fails, the other system can work

What Can You Get When Ordering A Set Of Solar Wind Street Lights

Wind Turbine

☑ The wind turbine uses nylon fiber blades, which are wear-resistant, durable, high-temperature is resistant, and not easy to break.
☑ The nut is a loose nut, not easy to loosen.
☑ The shell is an aluminum alloy body.
☑ The coil is made of copper.
☑ The hub is notched.
☑ Wind turbines perform better than most on the market

Solar Wind Street Light
Solar Led Street Lighting14

Solar Panels

☑ There are two choices of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, which have dealt with different climates and sunshine
☑ The surface layer is covered with toughened glass, which is safe and durable and has good light transmission performance.
☑ The aluminum alloy frame improves the collision resistance of the solar panel and reduces the damage to the solar panel
☑ Monocrystalline silicon solar panel, aluminum alloy frame, tempered glass panel
☑ The surface layer of the tempered glass panel can better absorb solar energy, and it can also prevent the glass from breaking and hurting others
☑ High-quality German imported solar chips, with an average conversion efficiency above 18%
☑ Good moisture resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance

Led Lights Fixtures

☑ The high-quality lamp housing made of die-cast aluminum, coupled with toughened glass, is anti-corrosive, durable, and waterproof.
☑ CREE or Bridgelux LED chips to allow LED street lamp heads to emit stronger light with less electricity
☑ Up to 5 years of quality assurance and warranty agreement
☑ High-quality die-cast aluminum profile LED lamp housing plus tempered glass protection

Outdoor Led Light Fixtures1
Solar Lithium Batteries

Solar Lithium Batteries

☑ Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery or ternary lithium battery (NCM/NCA) battery can be selected according to design requirements
☑ Using a step-up controller instead of a step-down controller, the service life is longer, which greatly reduces the maintenance rate of the controller within 5 years
☑ The design of the over-charge and over-discharge protection board provides protection for the solar controller during the charging process when the current fluctuates occasionally
☑ Up to 8 years of service life, and 5 years of after-sales warranty
☑ Complete pre-sales settings and after-sales guidance make solar system installation extremely simple

Street Light Poles

☑ Q235 high-quality steel cutting and welding
☑ The whole inner layer is immersed in hot-dip galvanizing treatment, which meets the American ASTM A 123 hot-dip galvanizing standard
☑ The outer surface is treated with nano-sprayed plastic powder
☑ The ability to resist bending can withstand level 10 typhoons
☑ The high level of corrosion resistance allows street lamp poles to work at the seaside for more than 10 years without rusting
☑ The service life of street light poles can exceed 50 years in a normal environment

Street Light Poles
Solar Controllers

Solar Controllers

☑ The solar controller uses light-sensing to control the start of the solar street light system. When the light is too dark, the controller will automatically turn on the light when the current is too low
☑ At the same time, the mode of turning off the light by time control is adopted, and the light will be turned off after 8-12 hours after it is set
☑ Maintenance and work indicator mode, we can learn from the solar controller indicator where the solar system needs to be repaired or the wiring is out of order

Foundation Kits

☑ Q235 high-strength spiral steel bar, high flexural strength, and flexural strength
☑ Stainless steel nuts and gaskets make the connection part of the street light pole and the foundation steel bar better rust resistance
☑ Compared with the traditional fixed steel foundation, the folding type can save transportation space and transportation cost better
☑ Attached with a complete set of drawings of the earthwork excavation and installation foundation of the steel bar foundation of the solar street light

Foundation Kits