Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights


☑ The intelligent photosensitive system has become an important part of solar light from the manual control switch

☑ When the light sensor is exposed to enough sunlight, the smart controller will automatically turn off the light. Otherwise, it will automatically turn on


☑ Monocrystalline silicon, which converts up to 22% of solar energy, is an important part of solar light strings. It is also a guarantee that the lithium battery has sufficient power

☑ Otherwise, even if the lithium battery is of high quality and large capacity, it will not be able to make the solar string light work normally for a long time. And it will cause the lithium battery to be dissatisfied for a long time and damage it in advance

General Parameters

Support Dimmer: yes
Style: Water Drop string light
Working Time (hours):30000
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):12
Working Lifetime(Hour):30000
Input Voltage(V):3V
IP Rating: Ip44
Material: PVC
Rated Power:0.3W
Solar panel:2V 180MA
Charging time:6-8 hours
Working time:8 hours

General Parameters

Color Temperature(CCT):2700-5000K
Lighting solutions service: Lighting and circuitry design

Holiday Name: Party, Wedding, Christmas
Working Temperature(℃):-20~40

LED Battery:600mAh AA NI-MH

Installation Location

☑ Ireland           ☑ Canada             ☑ Zimbabwe             ☑ Myanmar

☑ The United States                   ☑ Indonesia                  ☑ Bahrain

☑ Puerto Rico                       ☑ Zambia                            ☑ Mauritius

☑ Bangladesh                      ☑ Ethiopia                           ☑ Australia

☑ Uganda                 ☑ Pakistan           ☑ India              ☑ Russia

Installation Location

☑ Nigeria               ☑ United Arab Emirates            ☑ Sri Lanka

☑ Namibia          ☑ Vietnam            ☑ Brunei             ☑ Cambodia

☑ Saudi Arabia    ☑ Kenya     ☑ United Kingdom     ☑ Tanzania

☑ South Africa                ☑ Nepal                 ☑ Papua New Guinea

☑ Thailand                     ☑ Philippines      ☑ Laos       ☑ Italy

☑ Malaysia           ☑ Brazil           ☑ Oman                ☑ Mexico