Outdoor Solar Lights



☑ Unlike ordinary solar street lights, this Outdoor Solar Light has three modes to choose from.
☑ One is to choose a mode without motion sensing, which is suitable for drier seasons.
☑ The other is short-term sensing, that is, when dynamic sensing is turned on, once any dynamic is sensed, the brightness of the lamp will be increased within 0.5 seconds. This is suitable for locations that are sensitive to light requirements.
☑ The last one is long-term dynamic sensing, the light will be able to respond to the sensed dynamics in 1.5 seconds.



☑ So why can Outdoor Solar Lights be able to sense dynamics? In fact, this is similar to the principle of sound-controlled light sensing. There is a motion sensor on the Outdoor Solar Lights.
☑ When it was dark, when Outdoor Solar Lights started to work, the motion sensor also started to work, automatically detecting the surrounding 10m range. It automatically adjusts the intensity of light according to the signal sensed by the infrared thermal sensor, thereby achieving a brighter effect when someone uses it, and energy-saving when no one is using it.

General Parameters

Input Voltage(V):3.7V
Color Rendering Index(Ra):80
Support Dimmer: No
Lifespan (hours):20000
Working Time (hours):20000
Place of Origin: China
Usage: Garden
Power Supply: Solar
Light Source:LED, 60pcs SMD2835
Material: aluminum diecasting
Lumen:max 600lm
Working time:10-12hours
Charging time:6-8 Hours


☑ Namibia  ☑ Nigeria   ☑ Mexico ☑ Philippines    ☑ Vietnam    ☑ Thailand     ☑ United Arab Emirates  ☑ Brunei    ☑ Cambodia  ☑  The United States ☑ South Africa  ☑ Bahrain

☑ Saudi Arabia  ☑ Ireland  ☑ Canada ☑ Kenya   ☑ Italy  ☑ Zimbabwe  ☑ Uganda ☑ Oman  ☑ Myanmar  ☑ Laos ☑ The United Kingdom    ☑ Malaysia ☑ Indonesia   ☑ Mauritius

☑ Bangladesh  ☑ India  ☑ Puerto Rico ☑ Pakistan   ☑ Tanzania  ☑ Jamaica    ☑ Russia  ☑ Ethiopia  ☑ Australia ☑ Nepal  ☑ Sri Lanka  ☑ Brazil     ☑ Papua New Guinea   ☑ Zambia