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How To Reduce Output Ripple In Led Power Supply

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The following editor has compiled some common methods for reducing output ripple in LED design. Although they may not be complete, they are sufficient for general applications. Regarding noise suppression, it is not necessarily all applied in practice. It is important to choose an appropriate method according to your own design requirements, such as product size, cost, development cycle, etc. There are usually five ways to suppress or reduce it: Increase inductance and output capacitor filtering According to the formula of the LED drive power supply, the current fluctuation in the inductor is inversely proportional to the inductance value, and [...]

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Do You Know About The Characteristics And Development Of Organic Solar Cells?

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With the development of global diversification, our lives are constantly changing, including the various electronic products we come into contact with. Then you must not know some of the components of these products, such as organic solar cells. There are many types of organic compounds, the chemical structure of organic molecules is easy to modify, the preparation and purification of the compounds are simple, and large-area flexible thin-film devices can be produced, which has future cost advantages and broad application prospects. The organic solar cell is made into a film. In addition, the flexible solar cell may be formed on [...]

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For The Different Characteristics Of Lithium Batteries And Lead-acid Batteries, Do You Know How To Choose?

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With the development of global diversification, our lives are constantly changing, including the various electronic products we come into contact with. Then you must not know some of the components of these products, such as lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. When it comes to lead-acid batteries, the first application we can think of is electric bicycles. In fact, according to the structure and use of lead-acid batteries, the industry divides lead-acid batteries into four categories: 1. Startup 2. Electricity use 3. Fixed valve-controlled sealed type 4. Small valve-controlled sealed type. This method is mainly classified from the structure, and it is [...]

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Group Standards | The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences’ Institute of Plant Protection takes the lead in the official release of the “High-selective LED insecticidal lamp for control of cotton bollworm”

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T/ CSA 067-2021 "General Technical Requirements for Highly Selective LED Insecticidal Lamp System for Field Control of Helicoverpa armigera" was developed by the Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and organized by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance on February 22. (Hereinafter referred to as "Standards") The group standards are officially released to the industry. Following the CSA Alliance standard formulation process, after the drafting group meeting discussion, soliciting opinions, and other processes, it was voted and approved by the CSA Management Committee in December 2020, and it was officially released and implemented [...]

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Osram Will Launch A New Lidar Infrared Laser For Autonomous Driving

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Yesterday (3), Osram announced that its new generation of LiDAR (LiDAR) infrared lasers will come out soon. The special design of the chip improves the wavelength stability of the edge emitter to a new level, thereby greatly improving the clarity and sharpness of environmental images. LiDAR is short for Light Detection and Ranging, which uses infrared light to create accurate three-dimensional environmental maps. As a key technology to promote the development of the self-driving car industry, LiDAR, through the combination of radar and camera systems, acts as a visual sensor for cars to obtain information about the surrounding environment. The [...]

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Osram intends to expand equipment investment to produce Mini LED

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In recent years, Osram has rarely mentioned its layout in the Mini/Micro LED display field. The last time the industry paid attention to it in Q1 of 2018, Osram and X-Celeprint reached patent cooperation on Micro LED transfer technology. However, according to foreign media LEDs Magazine a few days ago, Osram will increase equipment investment in the Kulim plant in Malaysia to produce Mini LEDs. According to official information, Osram's Kulim plant was put into operation in November 2017. In the past three years, the Kulim plant has become an important pillar of Osram. Only in the first phase of the [...]