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Installation of Constant Current Sources
Led Outdoor Flood Light6


☑ The led lamp is made of die-casting aluminum alloy material to ensure that it can work normally for more than 5 years even in bad weather.

☑ The surface of the lamp shell adopts the resin powder spraying method to make the surface anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance better

☑ Toughened glass lampshade, so that even if the entire lamp is subjected to a strong collision, and the glass is broken, it will not find out the occurrence of safety accidents

☑ CREE or Bridgelux LED chips to allow LED street lamp heads to emit stronger light with less electricity

Led Outdoor Flood Light4
Led Outdoor Flood Light3


☑ The lamp housing has 32 colors that can be matched arbitrarily, there is always a color that can attract your attention

☑ The high-quality constant current source can make the bulb run more stable even in circuits with relatively large current fluctuations. Thereby reducing the failure rate and increasing the service life of LED lamps.

General Parameters

Light Source: LED
Input Voltage(V):AC85-380V
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):3900
CRI (Ra>):80

IP Rating: IP65
Certification:CE, EMC, RoHS
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Beam Angle(°):90
Application: LANDSCAPE
Item: Led Lights Fixtures
Item Type: Load Led Light Outdoor

Usage: Street Road Garden Square
Material: Die-casting Aluminum
Feature: Easy Installation

Model Number: KCD-RD 30W

60W led street light fixture
Outdoor Led Light Fixtures1

General Parameters

Lighting solutions service: Project Installation
Working Temperature(℃):-20~+50

Product Name: Outdoor Led Street Light
Type: High Lumens Waterproof IP65 Led Street Light

LED Light Source: CREE or Bridgelux

Application Places

☑Street Lighting                                ☑Jogging&Bike Path Lighting

☑Roadway Lighting                          ☑Perimeter Security Lighting

☑Park Lighting                                   ☑Military Base Lighting

☑Pathway Lighting                            ☑Wildlife Area Lighting

☑Private Road Lighting                    ☑Remote Area Lighting

☑Farm & Ranch Lighting                ☑Boat Dock Lighting

☑Yard Lighting           ☑Fence Lighting     ☑Gate Lighting

☑Sidewalk Lighting   ☑Ramp Lighting     ☑Campus Lighting

Solar Led Street Lights
120W LED street lamps

Installation Location

☑ Namibia   ☑ Philippines  ☑ Brunei    ☑ Cambodia ☑ Vietnam

☑ South Africa      ☑ Malaysia     ☑ Brazil      ☑ Papua New Guinea

☑ Nigeria   ☑ Mexico   ☑ Thailand     ☑ United Arab Emirates

☑ Indonesia    ☑ Bahrain    ☑ Mauritius    ☑ Zambia    ☑ The United States

☑ India  ☑ Puerto Rico  ☑ Tanzania  ☑ Jamaica  ☑ Nepal  ☑ Sri Lanka

☑ Saudi Arabia   ☑ Kenya   ☑ Italy   ☑ Oman   ☑ The United Kingdom

☑ Bangladesh     ☑ Pakistan     ☑ Russia     ☑ Ethiopia     ☑ Australia

☑ Ireland  ☑ Canada  ☑ Zimbabwe  ☑ Uganda  ☑ Myanmar  ☑ Laos