Led Landscape Lighting

Led Landscape Lighting
Led Landscape Lights In The Square
Landscape Led Lighting1
Aluminum Alloy Led Landscape Light
Led Landscape Lighting
Steel Led Landscape Lights

☑ LED landscape light is a kind of landscape light, it refers to the landscape light that does not need to use the solar energy system and is connected to the special city electricity.
☑ Compared with other street lights, the production of landscape lights is more complicated and requires high craftsmanship. Normal use in parks, squares, scenic spots, and other places that require high requirements for beautiful scenery.
☑ The normal height of LED landscape lights is about 4 meters to 8 meters. Because the LED landscape light is normally made of aluminum alloy, the intensity cannot be as strong as a steel pole.
☑ So why not use steel to make landscape lights? Because the steel is too hard, it is difficult to shape different shapes on the outside. Of course, you can open abrasive tools for pouring, but the cost will be very high unless the number of production is very large, the production cost of each can be shared.

Led Landscape Lighting
Led Landscape Lighting

☑ It’s like the last kind of LED landscape light with a “Tang” character. This is a LED landscape light with a Chinese classical shape. The difference between the above two is that the above two are made of aluminum alloy, so the fancy is more colorful and diverse. And it is made of ordinary steel light poles with distinctive font lamps. Although it looks simple, it is atmospheric and cultural.

General parameters

Color Rendering Index(Ra):100
Support Dimmer: No
Lifespan (hours):50000
Input Voltage(V):100V-265V
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):15000
CRI (Ra>):80
Beam Angle(°)360
Working Temperature(℃):-20 – 50
Working Lifetime(Hour):50000
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum alloy
IP Rating: IP65, IP65
Certification:CE, RoHS
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Light Source: LED
Power Supply: AC
Model NO.:RY-3021
Light source: LED
HEIGHT:6 meters
Warranty:3 years
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):100
Base Type: E27

Landscape Led Lighting11
Led Landscape Lighting
Scope Of Application

☑Roadway Lighting    ☑Perimeter Security Lighting     ☑Fence Lighting

☑Street Lighting         ☑Jogging&Bike Path Lighting      ☑Yard Lighting

☑Park Lighting            ☑Military Base Lighting               ☑Campus Lighting

☑Gate Lighting               ☑Farm & Ranch Lighting         ☑Boat Dock Lighting

☑Pathway Lighting     ☑Wildlife Area Lighting               ☑Ramp Lighting

☑Private Road Lighting   ☑Remote Area Lighting         ☑Sidewalk Lighting

Installation Location

☑ United Arab Emirates  ☑ Sri Lanka     ☑ Nigeria   ☑ Mexico   ☑ Thailand

☑ Namibia  ☑ Vietnam   ☑ Brunei    ☑ Cambodia  ☑ Philippines    ☑ Laos

☑ Saudi Arabia  ☑ The United Kingdom  ☑ Tanzania☑ Kenya ☑ Italy  ☑ Oman

☑ South Africa   ☑ Nepal   ☑ Papua New Guinea     ☑ Malaysia   ☑ Brazil

☑ Bangladesh ☑ Australia  ☑ Jamaica ☑ Pakistan  ☑ Russia  ☑ Ethiopia

☑ Ireland  ☑ Canada ☑ Myanmar  ☑ Puerto Rico ☑ Zimbabwe  ☑ Uganda

☑ The United States  ☑ Indonesia  ☑ Bahrain  ☑ Mauritius  ☑ Zambia  ☑ India

Led Landscape Lighting