LED High Bay Light

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☑ The LED high bay light adopts an aluminum alloy shell, which has good anti-fall, anti-collision, and anti-deformation performance. Therefore, it is durable, and its service life is increased in disguise

☑ Using LED solid-state cold light source, low heat generation rate and visible light ratio, so the heat generation is also small while saving electricity, it also saves a lot of energy

☑ The surface of the shell adopts a high-voltage electrostatic treatment, which makes the surface of the shell more smooth and safer


☑ Since it is commonly used in dangerous and explosive places such as mines, LED high bay lights are designed with full consideration of the improvement of explosion-proof performance. Tempered glass pressure cast aluminum guarantees this.

☑ The only minor defect of LED high bay lights. That’s because of the characteristics of lamps, LED light sources to need to use integrated light sources. Instead of using a single particle point light source. This disguised form of heat dissipation such as ordinary flat light sources. Therefore, the requirements for LED lamp beads and LED constant current sources will be even higher.

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General Parameters

Input Voltage(V):AC85-380
Lamp Power(W):300-500
CRI (Ra>):70
Working Lifetime(Hour):50000

IP Rating: Ip44
Certification:CE, RoHS
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Light Source: LED

Item Type: High Bay Lights
Driver: constant current isolation
Beam angle:120 Degree

PF:0. 9
Brand:Platinum Lighting

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General Parameters

Color Temperature(CCT):2700-7000Kc
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):100

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):3000-50000lm
Working Temperature(℃):-20 – 40

Lamp Body Material: aviation aluminum
LED Light Source: integrated led chip

Installation Location

☑ Ireland       ☑ Canada       ☑ Zimbabwe      ☑ Uganda

☑ The United States           ☑ Indonesia          ☑ Bahrain

☑ Puerto Rico                  ☑ Zambia                ☑ Mauritius

☑ Bangladesh              ☑ Pakistan                 ☑ Ethiopia

☑ Myanmar          ☑ Australia       ☑ India      ☑ Russia

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Installation Location

☑ Nigeria              ☑ United Arab Emirates                 ☑ Sri Lanka

☑ Namibia          ☑ Philippines          ☑ Cambodia              ☑ Laos

☑ Saudi Arabia                 ☑ Tanzania               ☑ United Kingdom

☑ South Africa               ☑ Malaysia                 ☑ Papua New Guinea

☑ Mexico                  ☑ Thailand            ☑ Vietnam             ☑ Brunei

☑ Kenya           ☑ Italy           ☑ Brazil           ☑ Nepal          ☑ Oman