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☑ LED courtyard lights are different from ordinary street light poles in that they are made of aluminum alloy die-casting.☑ This is a bit the same as the lamp shell, it is to be able to make a more beautiful effect, but also to prevent corrosion and rust.
☑ Aluminum alloys are stronger than pure aluminum materials and are not easy to bend or break. As long as the height is not more than 8 meters, the strength of the aluminum alloy is sufficient for normal use.
☑ The aluminum alloy material makes the poles of the LED garden light and its LED lamps have good compression, impact, and bending resistance.
☑ In addition, the wind resistance is also very good.☑ Even in a 10th typhoon, as long as there is no problem with the foundation, There is no need to worry about the damage of LED garden lights.☑ This greatly improves the service life of LED garden lights
☑ Most of the modern LED courtyard lights will adopt integral design and molded production, so they will have a strong sense of design, instead of adopting the old-fashioned model. The overall effect of the appearance and the scenery after installation is much more beautiful.

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☑ The LED light source is matched with the LED lamp. The LED light source can be an LED bulb lamp or an LED corn lamp. Compared with traditional bulbs, the lifespan of LED bulbs and LED corn lights is ten times longer than that of traditional bulbs, which greatly reduces the trouble of replacing and maintaining LED garden lights. In addition, the overall sealing of the LED lamp is much greater than that of the previous lamps, and it also reduces the entry of mosquitoes and the heat dissipation, which makes the LED light source burn out.

General Parameters

Input Voltage(V):85-385
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):4000
CRI (Ra>):85
Beam Angle(°):120
Working Lifetime(Hour):500000
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
Product name:  Led Garden Light
Working Temperature(℃):-40 – 40
Brand Name: Platinum Lighting
Application: Hotel&Garden
Power Supply:ac
Light Type: Energy Saving
Material: Aluminum

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General Parameters

IP Rating: IP65
Certification:CCC, CQC, RoHS
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Light Source: LED
Type: LED Garden Light
IP Grade: IP65 Water Proof
Luminous Efficacy(lm/w):120

Installation Location

☑ Namibia   ☑ Philippines    ☑ Vietnam   ☑ Brunei    ☑ Cambodia

☑ Nigeria    ☑ Mexico    ☑ Thailand      ☑ United Arab Emirates

☑ Saudi Arabia   ☑ Kenya   ☑ Italy   ☑ Oman   ☑ United Kingdom

☑ Ireland  ☑ Canada  ☑ Zimbabwe  ☑ Uganda  ☑ Myanmar  ☑ Laos

☑ Bangladesh     ☑ Pakistan     ☑ Russia     ☑ Ethiopia     ☑ Australia

☑ India  ☑ Puerto Rico  ☑ Tanzania  ☑ Jamaica  ☑ Nepal  ☑ Sri Lanka

☑ The United States  ☑ Indonesia  ☑ Bahrain  ☑ Mauritius  ☑ Zambia

☑ South Africa      ☑ Malaysia     ☑ Brazil      ☑ Papua New Guinea

LED street light fixture like a pearl necklace