In the era of the Internet of Things, devices are gradually getting rid of the shackles of wired, and embrace the wireless and even truly wireless world. Nothing is more powerful than short-distance communication technology and wide-area communication technology for enabling devices to have such “supernatural powers”. Among them, the most widely used and most well-known is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

In fact, while Bluetooth enables unlimited flexibility of devices, there are also certain pain points. Wireless devices have long required extremely high battery life. On the one hand, the power of the device is “urgent” during use, which affects normal use. On the other hand, frequent battery replacement increases labor and material costs.

Atmosic Technologies (hereinafter referred to as ” Atmosic “), as a company with the vision of “realizing permanent battery life and reducing equipment’s reliance on batteries” and truly getting rid of battery troubles, Atmosic recently gave a report on 2021 at a media conference. Make predictions about wireless internet technology in the year.

2021 Nian Atmosic targeting five areas

“We predict that wireless interconnection technology will develop in five major areas in 2021, including the increase in photovoltaic energy applications, the hotel industry will further increase contactless services, wearable tracking devices will increase, and more and more wearable devices and other connected devices will be used. The use of electronic shelf labels in medical applications and retail stores has increased,” said David Su, CEO of Atmosic .

Seek Synopsys ( Atmosic Technologies )Chief Executive OfficerDavid Su

David Su emphasized that photovoltaics will be promoted and used in the technology industry as a very important alternative energy. Photovoltaic energy will be mainly used to drive devices such as beacon sensors, remote controls, and keyboards and mice. Due to the unpredictable epidemic situation, it is both a crisis and an opportunity, which promotes the development of contactless services, wearable devices, and wireless medical equipment markets. “Contactless tracking equipment can realize information tracking and management. In the future, we will also adopt more remote medical methods, including CGM dynamic blood glucose monitoring system.” In addition, he also said that offline retail stores will also usher in new upgrades with the automatic update of labels.

According to David Su’s introduction, Atmosic’s advantage in Bluetooth technology is the “good promoter” of these five areas, and it is also the area where Atmosic will focus on layout. Its solutions can significantly reduce the dependence of IoT devices on batteries.

Why Atmosic is aiming at these five areas, David Su responded to the reporter’s question: “We spent a lot of time internally exploring the future development direction and market positioning. There is no doubt that the IoT market is very large, and there are various Different segmentation scenarios. This is why Atmosic puts short-term goals in the above-mentioned areas. But after choosing these markets, it must be able to ensure sufficient volume and sufficient market value.”

Srinivas Parramatta , vice president of marketing and business development of Mosi Technology, said, “The application scenarios of Bluetooth technology are very extensive. In fact, from the application scenarios, there are far more than these five fields. But Atmosic focuses on these few The application scenarios are subdivided because the Bluetooth technology itself does not require so complicated system design, so the selected scenarios are applications such as beacons, keyboards, and wearable devices. By choosing these, it is relatively not that complicated The application scenarios and customers of the Bluetooth solution can roll out Atmosic ‘s Bluetooth technology faster and serve more technologies at the same time.”

He added, “We have a very important business model. Atmosic strengthens collaboration with many ODM partners including modules and systems. With the strong collaboration and cooperation of these partners, a unified reference framework and reference solutions can be created. To serve a wider range of customer groups. Before the establishment of Atmosic, David Su and I had many years of experience, and it was after the establishment of Atmosic, based on this set of operating models and commercial management models, revenues increased every year. “

Seek Synopsys ( Atmosic Technologies ) Marketing and Business Development Vice PresidentSrinivas Parramatta

The three core technologies are the confidence to occupy the market

What is the source of Atmosic ‘s confidence in the five major areas? The answer must be its unique technological advantages in the market. According to David Su’s introduction, Atmosic has three core advantages, namely ultra-low-power radio frequency, radio frequency wake-up, and controlled energy harvesting. Specifically, Atmosic can achieve 5-10 times lower power consumption than competitors; the receiver has special settings and adjustments, which can switch sleep and wake-up states as needed; it can collect energy and store it in the capacitor through the transducer. Rechargeable battery or a standard battery.

In addition, Atmosic ’s solution is different from the traditional sub-threshold logic for single parameter adjustment. It can be adjusted for the selection of the entire current, signal swing, and even the entire architecture to achieve multi-dimensional and multi-parameter energy consumption control. Ensure that the final overall power consumption reaches the lowest level.

From the bottom of the technology, in fact, in addition to the short-range technology of Bluetooth, it also has wide-area technologies such as UWB, LPWAN, RFID, NB-IoT, and so on. What are the advantages of Bluetooth compared to it?

Srinivas Pattamatta believes that if you really want to let companies choose an interconnected wireless technology, perhaps the Bluetooth interconnection solution is the most ideal choice. “This is because as a new generation of Bluetooth interconnection technology, the distance can reach 100 meters transmission range, far exceeding the previous generations of traditional Bluetooth technology. Secondly, the new generation of Bluetooth technology, including the emergence of Bluetooth LE, also gave Atmosic more A big opportunity, because Atmosic itself is also a professional provider of low-power wireless interconnection technology, so it can build products for these markets and seize the market’s long-term growth potential.”

On the other hand, David Su said that the length of the transmission distance required, how high the battery life requirement is, and whether there is a need to connect to the cloud are all criteria when selecting a wireless technology.

New Bluetooth products using photovoltaic energy are emerging

According to David Su’s introduction, in the context of Atmosic ‘s “creed” of “unlimited battery life” and “no battery”, the company currently focuses on the home production environment, household products, data, and sensing fields.

At the conference, David Su showed reporters several use cases of his advanced Bluetooth technology. One is the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard with photovoltaic panels. Unlike traditional wireless keyboards, this keyboard does not require a battery to be installed, so the PCB and wire space is only half of the traditional keyboard. The inspiration for this use case mainly comes from the light energy calculator; The second is the wireless remote control produced by the partner SMK, which is also equipped with a photovoltaic panel on the back and does not need to install a battery. The third is a contact tracking wearable device, which is a very necessary supplement for smartphones, not only for all ages For internal use, it can be designed into different form factors, including key chains, bracelets, etc. In addition, TraceSafe has jointly developed a number of wearable devices with Atmos.

Through the use cases, it is not difficult to find that Atmosic is very ” fascinating ” the prospect of photovoltaic energy. David Su emphasized that photovoltaics, as a very important alternative energy source, are very suitable for To C end applications. Since it is rarely used in complete darkness, it only needs a few hours of light a day. Atmosic ‘s controlled energy harvesting technology can store this energy and use the device normally under insufficient light.

Although the application of photovoltaics is not a new thing, Atmosic will face more growth directions and realize an optimized environment and seamless interaction through wireless interconnection technology. In addition, in the face of similar photovoltaic solutions from other manufacturers in the market, David Su emphasized, ” Atmosic ‘s technology has very important differentiated technical advantages, which can make the size of photovoltaic panels smaller.”

David Su revealed that with regard to the advantages of photovoltaics and controlled energy, Atmosic has now launched rich cooperation with some partners. At the same time, he also believes that more and more other manufacturers on the market will also produce different equipment based on photovoltaic technology. . According to estimates, in the next two to three years, a large number of products with photovoltaic functions will emerge on the market. Light energy is an inexhaustible energy source. Atomic firmly believes that as a market for the entire photovoltaic industry, its growth will not only be reflected in the overall annual income of our company but will also open up more market opportunities.

It is reported that Atmosic has a long-term collaboration with many ODMs, distributors, and service providers in China, and it also has a strong sales team and service team for localization in China. I believe that with the help of Atmosic in the future, brand new products with “unlimited battery life” will also emerge in the Chinese market.