With the advancement of urban construction, urban lighting is facing higher requirements. Recently, sponsored by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, the Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and the Cangzhou Zhongjie High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, China Semiconductor Lighting Network, Jizhi Toutiao, and Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Network The media platform joins hands with Zhejiang Institute of Illumination, Zhejiang Provincial Lighting Association, Zhejiang Solid State Light Source Industry Association and other units, with the theme of “wisdom leading · collaboration and win-win”-the 5th China Smart Lighting Innovation Application Summit · Zhongjie Optoelectronics Industrial Cluster Development Seminar and Hangzhou Road Landscape Lighting Special Event was held in New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou.
Chen Kai, founder, chairman, and president of Hangzhou Maple Sunlight Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., shared a report on “Smart Lighting Makes Light Smarter”. He said that the difference in the design of the light distribution scheme is far from the human eye perception. The point light source characteristics of LED street lights are destined to require precise light distribution. The precise light distribution scheme allows light to go where it should go, reducing light pollution and real energy saving.
However, it is not easy to achieve accurate light distribution. Traditional LED product production is often based on market forecasts and large-scale standardized product production. There are standardized products that match all orders, and the finished product warehouse is shipped. 5-6 kinds of light distribution schemes “all the world”. Unreasonable light distribution, unsatisfactory product lighting effects, and energy-saving effects.
In contrast, precise customized LED products have more advantages, such as customized production according to orders, with a minimum production volume of “1”;
Tailor-made products to achieve one product all the way; a huge light distribution library to match the needs of different scenes; accurate light distribution, the product lighting effect is better, and the energy-saving effect is more obvious.
Chen Kai said that Huapu Sunlife has the largest light distribution library, more than 300 light distribution schemes, and the light distribution covers all road lighting applications such as expressways, main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, viaducts, urban tunnels, country roads, etc.; The world’s most complete light distribution library, precise light distribution strategy, accurately applied to every road condition, in order to achieve the best lighting effect, and obtain high-efficiency energy-saving rate; rely on the company’s 100-person R&D team, and based on the self-developed Industry 4.0 Software, intelligent auxiliary simulation system light distribution scheme design only takes 1 day. In addition, the Maple Sun Life Smart Factory Information System can provide a guarantee for large-scale, rapid, and precise customization.