On February 8, according to foreign media reports, there were rumors that Tesla planned to invest in India to build a factory. Today, foreign media reports that Tesla plans to enter India through an investment plan, and this investment plan is to build a production plant somewhere in India.

For a long time, Tesla has been trying to enter the Indian market, but due to lack of infrastructure, related policies, and the electric car market, these attempts have basically failed.
In the past few months, there have been more rumors about Tesla seeking to establish a production or R&D center in India. In September 2020, foreign media reported that Tesla is planning to establish a research and development center in Bangalore, India. At the time, the report also stated that the company was negotiating with the industrial sector of the Karnataka government.
In October 2020, Musk hinted that the company will enter the Indian market in 2021. At that time, he said on Twitter that the company’s online order configuration function “will be available in India in January 2021.”
After Musk hinted that Tesla would enter the Indian market next year, India’s wealthiest state of Maharashtra sent an invitation to Tesla and held discussions with the company.
Today, documents show that Tesla is planning to build its main plant in India in Karnataka. However, Subhash Desai, the Minister of Industry of Maharashtra, believes that the company may eventually land in the state instead of Karnataka.
He said that Maharashtra is still striving for Tesla’s production facilities and investment, which will benefit the state’s economic development.
Although Karnataka is listed as the location of Tesla’s India headquarters, the company has not yet finalized it, and Maharashtra may still be selected as the location of the Indian super factory.
So far, Tesla has not disclosed specific plans to enter the Indian market. However, the company has registered and established a company called “Tesla India Automotive and Energy Private Limited” in Bangalore, India on January 8.