After more than ten years of development, the street lamp power supply has been greatly developed. The street lamp power supply parameters are unified, and the products can be interchanged, which is accelerating the popularization of street lamps. Smart dimming is popular, the Internet of Things technology is beginning to be applied in street lighting, and smart light poles are booming. Smart power is gradually moving towards industrialization.

In the future, with the formation of the industrialization of smart lighting, 5G and smart street lighting scene applications will be greatly enriched, and the era of technological innovation will come. Technological innovation and rapid market applications will kick off a new round of the market competition. Multi-device operation compatibility and power supply management distribution have become problems that must be solved.

Recently, sponsored by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, the Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and the Cangzhou Zhongjie High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, China Semiconductor Lighting Network, Jizhi Toutiao, and Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Network The media platform joins hands with Zhejiang Institute of Illumination, Zhejiang Provincial Lighting Association, Zhejiang Solid State Light Source Industry Association and other units, with the theme of “wisdom leading · collaboration and win-win”-the 5th China Smart Lighting Innovation Application Summit · Zhongjie Optoelectronics Industrial Cluster Development Seminar and Hangzhou Road Landscape Lighting Special Event was held in New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou.
At the meeting, Tian Qiancheng, technical director of Dongling Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., shared the theme report of “Application Status and Prospects of Smart Power Supply in Street Lighting”.
The report pointed out that from 2014 to 2019, the number of urban road lighting poles in my country has increased year by year. In 2019, the number of urban road lighting poles in my country is about 29.35 million; if 2020-2025, the number of urban road lighting poles in my country will remain 5% The growth rate of urban road lights is expected to reach 39.234 million in 2025. If the penetration rate of smart street lamps reaches 30% in 2020, the market size of smart street lamps in China will reach 35 billion yuan in 2020.
In response to the rise of 5G and the Internet of Things, further requirements have been put forward for the intelligentization of the driving power supply. For example, the hardware requirements of the driving power supply for the smart street lamp system have the smart power supply as the core component of the system. There must be a sensor/signal acquisition unit, MCU microprocessor unit, MCU power supply, and holding unit, MCU control signal execution unit, MCU external communication interface unit, etc. (RF interface is required in some application fields) to meet the perception and Control requirements. An intelligent street lamp system requires software for driving the power supply. In addition to the necessary data processing functions, the software with an intelligent power supply must comply with further requirements such as corresponding communication protocols, regulations, and safety. The requirements for the qualification of power supply manufacturers are further improved.
The vigorous development of smart lighting provides an opportunity for further development of each component unit, promotes the progress of the industry, and expands the market capacity of the industry, which has been widely praised by all units. However, it is undeniable that there are still bottlenecks for large-scale applications. For example, policies, costs, entry barriers, head competition, etc., if they cannot be solved well, it will affect the industry’s expansion and strength, and hinder the further development of the industry.
Tian Qiancheng said that Dongling is mainly engaged in LED drive power supply, with a turnover of more than 350 million yuan in 2019. Combining its own practical exploration, Dongling reduces costs and increases efficiency through technological innovation, and expands existing platforms for wisdom empowerment, and provides technical solutions.
Afterward, he introduced Dongling’s new generation of programmable outdoor road lighting power supplies-MXG series. Dongling MXG series Dongling’s latest technical solution, device selection, and manufacturing process are all optimized for a platform model, The rated input voltage of the platform products is the US standard full voltage input, and the power covers the 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W power ranges of mainstream applications in the current market. With the development of smart lighting, Dongling will use the MXG series as the product platform to extend smart power supplies with programmable, NFC, NB-IoT, single lamp control +, and other methods.
The future development of smart power supplies will show trends such as market sinking, cost reduction, and multi-level differentiation. As more and more players enter this field, it will promote the industry to develop in a deeper and broader dimension and benefit the general public.