After the industry downturn last year, the LED packaging manufacturer Everlight has gradually improved its operations recently. It is expected that in the first quarter of this year, due to the strong demand for invisible light products, the production capacity utilization rate will remain high-end, and its operations are expected to remain high in the off-season.

On the other hand, due to the tight production capacity of optocouplers that belong to the invisible light field, many major international manufacturers have begun to increase their prices. Everlight is striving to attack the invisible light market. It is expected to follow up and increase the price from February, which will help. The trend of gross profit margin this quarter.

The legal person pointed out that the demand for invisible light products in niche applications such as wearable devices, Netcom products, smart home appliances, electric vehicle charging piles, and industrial control products has increased. Following the previous price increase, the next wave of gains may be brewing in the near future. Everlight is likely to adjust it all at once, and it is estimated that operations in the first half of the year will remain stable and upward.

It is reported that Everlight’s current invisible light products account for more than 30% of its revenue. Due to a small number of diversified and customized products, Everlight’s profits are helped. In addition, Everlight’s long-standing automotive products are expected to generate benefits this year. The company estimates that the proportion of automotive-related products is expected to challenge the double digits.

As for MiniLED, two to three models of large-size backlight TVs were shipped last year, and shipments are expected to continue this year. In terms of MiniLED automotive displays, the current automotive revenue accounts for about 6%, and shipments are expected to begin in the second half of the year.

In addition, this year’s laptop screens will continue to introduce new models. It is estimated that this year’s MiniLED business will account for 6% to 10% of Everlight’s overall revenue, and will drive the revenue growth of the backlight business.

Everlight’s revenue last year was 21.602 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), an annual increase of 3.1%; the net profit per share for the first three quarters of last year was 2.06 yuan, which was better than the 1.35 yuan growth in the same period of the previous year.

In the revenue structure of Everlight’s first three quarters of last year, invisible light accounted for about 31%, lighting accounted for 14%, backlight accounted for about 23%, consumer and mobile phones accounted for 29%, and others accounted for 4%. Everlight previously pointed out at the law conference that it will continue to adjust its product portfolio this year and is confident that the proportion of products with higher gross profit margins can be increased.

The legal person estimates that under the double promotion of invisible light production capacity and MiniLED, Everlight’s annual revenue this year can reach about 22.8 billion yuan, an annual increase of about 6.7%; after-tax net profit is 1.68 billion yuan, an annual increase of about 19%, The net profit of the stock is 3.79 yuan, better than last year.