Why Our All In One  Solar Street Lights

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Patent Applied

☑ The patent has been applied, which means that the appearance and use functions of All In One Solar Street Lights have been fully designed and optimized.
☑ Have applied for a patent, which means that it can provide you with sufficient advantages in price, and at the same time, it can help you win the competition with peers

Patent Applied
One Key To Open
One Key To Open

☑ All In One Solar Street Lights has a button control switch on it.
☑ In order to avoid unnecessary work in the transportation project, press the switch, the solar system will stop working and the light will not turn on
☑ When installed, pop up the switch and the solar system will automatically start working. Help users save a lot of time and energy. It’s that simple to operate
☑ The program has all been set up, just one key to open it, of course, you can also choose the mobile app or remote control to adjust the lighting working time

All-in-on solar streetlights that satisfy the owner

60w Solar Street Lights In Brazil

No Wiring Required

☑ The most troublesome problem of traditional street lamps, in addition to tedious wiring and debugging work, the laying and pre-burying of cables are also very troublesome. All In One Solar Street Light circumvents this problem perfectly
☑ The solar energy systems inside All In One Solar Street Light are all concentrated in the same lamp. When installing street lights, you only need to install light poles and anchor lamps. Simple and convenient, one key to open.

No Wiring Required
Lithium Battery
Lithium Battery

☑ If you have a wealth of installation experience, what is fresh in your memory is that whenever you install a solar street light, you need to dig the pit of the embedded battery box, and then put a lead-acid gel battery weighing 15-20 kg into it.  After it was buried, I was still worried that a thief would steal it someday.
☑ No need now, the lithium battery used by All In One Solar Street Lights. As a new energy source in the future, it is light, durable, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.

25W all in one solar street lights in ITALIA

Solar Street Lights In Italia

Stainless & Waterproof

☑ The inside and outside of the pole are treated with immersion hot-dip galvanizing, and the outer surface is sprayed with nano-plastic powder. Let the entire lamp pole have strong corrosion resistance, and the service life is as long as 10 years. Even on the corrosive seaside, there is no need to worry about the problem of lamp pole corrosion.
☑ In addition, the shell of All In One Solar Street Lights adopts die-casting aluminum alloy and nano-plastic powder spraying process, so that the lamps also have extremely high corrosion resistance.
☑ Strict airtightness allows All In One Solar Street Lights to be soaked in water without worrying about any leakage

Stainless & Waterproof
Motion Sensing
Motion Sensing

☑ The most surprising thing is that All In One Solar Street Light can even have a magical function. That is, it can feel whether someone is using it, so as to decide whether to increase the brightness of the light or reduce the brightness of the light to save energy, thereby increasing the working time of the light. Because it has the function of motion sensing

40W solar street lights in Saudi Arabia

Solar Street Lights In Saudi Arabia

Solar Street Light Experts Specialize In

Producing High-quality All In One Solar Street Lights

60W solar street lights lamps lighting test
80w Solar Street Lights Lighting Test
30W solar street lights sealing treatment

100w Solar Panel Installation

45w integrated chips solar street lights

60W Integrated Solar Street Lights

Solar panels installation of solar street lights

30w Solar Lights Sealing Treatment

40W solar street lights lamps lighting test

Solar Street Lights Lighting Test

Anchor Bracket For Solar Lights

Anchor Bracket For Solar Lights


            Application Places

☑Roadway Lighting    ☑Perimeter Security Lighting     ☑Fence Lighting

☑Street Lighting         ☑Jogging&Bike Path Lighting      ☑Yard Lighting

☑Park Lighting            ☑Military Base Lighting               ☑Campus Lighting

☑Private Road Lighting   ☑Remote Area Lighting         ☑Sidewalk Lighting

☑Pathway Lighting     ☑Wildlife Area Lighting               ☑Ramp Lighting

☑Gate Lighting               ☑Farm & Ranch Lighting         ☑Boat Dock Lighting

Solar street lights are particularly effective when installed in sunny places, and solar street lights need to be installed in places where wires cannot be connected. Of course, in places where electricity is not safe, solar street lights are also the best choice.

            Application Countries

☑ Namibia   ☑ Philippines    ☑ Vietnam   ☑ Brunei    ☑ Cambodia

☑ Nigeria   ☑ Mexico   ☑ Thailand     ☑ The United Arab Emirates

☑ Saudi Arabia   ☑ Kenya   ☑ Italy   ☑ Oman   ☑ The United Kingdom

☑ Ireland  ☑ Canada  ☑ Zimbabwe  ☑ Uganda  ☑ Myanmar  ☑ Laos

☑ Bangladesh     ☑ Pakistan     ☑ Russia     ☑ Ethiopia     ☑ Australia

☑ India  ☑ Puerto Rico  ☑ Tanzania  ☑ Jamaica  ☑ Nepal  ☑ Sri Lanka

☑ The United States  ☑ Indonesia  ☑ Bahrain  ☑ Mauritius  ☑ Zambia

☑ South Africa      ☑ Malaysia     ☑ Brazil      ☑ Papua New Guinea

All in one solar lights in USA

Solar lights in The Middle EAST

Are The Installation Of Solar

Street Lights Really Easy For Children To Master? Yes

All In One Solar Street Light

One Key Switch

☑ So easy

☑ Even children can do it

☑ Just turn on the switch in five seconds

☑ Say goodbye to complicated solar system wiring diagrams

☑ No need for a professional and expensive installation team

☑ It turns out that you can be more professional than solar street light installation experts

☑ Anchor All In One Solar Street Lights with the attached screws wherever you need to install

☑ When installing All In One Solar Street Lights in a high place, be sure to turn on the switch so that you can avoid taking it down again.

After Five Seconds, The World Brightened